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News is a stamp series of the Federal Republic of Germany , which was launched in 2009. These are two postage stamps that are only announced in the course of the year of issue (for comparison: the remaining stamps are usually announced in autumn of the previous year). Deutsche Post AG stamps are issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance . [1]

list of expenses


  • Image: An edited image of the brand mentioned. The ratio of the size of the stamps to each other is shown approximately to scale in this article.
  • Description: A brief description of the subject matter and/or reason for issue. In the case of issued series or blocks , the descriptions that belong together are indented with a marker.
  • Value: The postage value of the individual stamp in euro cents . A "+" means that it is a surcharge stamp (= face value + donation).
  • Issue Date: The date this stamp was first sold.
  • Edition: As far as is known, the number of this edition offered for sale is given here.
  • Draft: As far as is known, it is stated here who created the draft for this stamp.
  • Michel no.: This stamp is listed in the Michel catalog under the corresponding number.


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  2. The special postage stamp "Animal of the Year 2010" is the first stamp in the new special postage stamp format "44.20 × 26.20 mm", which, from 2010, will basically replace the previous formats "43.00 × 25.50 mm" and "46. 00 × 27.32 mm" and allows use for the roll as well.
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